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Paula Zumot came from a family whose determination to create a better life through hard work and determination paid off in spades, especially when they were able to buy their first home. Paula remembers walking into that home and the feeling of immense pride that left her wondering, "How can I help others achieve their real estate dreams?"

That feeling never left her as she graduated from nursing school, and then earned a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood & Elementary education. She left nursing and went on to teach and ultimately become a principal of a private school! But it wasn't until she found Real Estate that she realized her true calling - helping people experience those moments she did as a child when she and her family walked into their very own home.

Paula believes trust is built over time through open honest communication, reliability, and consistency. She values honesty, integrity, and respect, as you'll see if you work with her. There is nothing she won't do to ensure your needs are met as you walk through this process with her.

When she isn't helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership, she is home with her handsome husband and their three children, 18, 13, and 4! (The 4-year old thinks he's an actual superhero!) A fluent creole-speaker, she loves teaching her children their second language! Together they enjoy life outdoors gardening, tending to their farmhouse, and enjoying time as a family.